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Your Questions About Root Canal Treatments Answered! PART 2

Patients who need root canal treatments are usually anxious about the procedure. One way of reducing this anxiety is having a better understanding of the procedure itself, its importance and the ways in which good oral health positively impact your quality of life. In the first part of this blog post, we answered some of […]

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Answering Your Questions About Root Canal Treatments! PART 1

The Most Common Questions About Root Canals and A Surprise Revelation If you’ve heard your dentist utter the phrase: “You need a root canal,” you’re likely in a bit of a panic, but don’t worry! The pain you’re going through heavily outweighs the pain of a root canal procedure, and the relief you’ll feel once […]

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What Are My Options for Teeth Whitening & How Do They Work?

How to Whiten Teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth are often the first thing we notice when talking to someone face-to-face. And, unfortunately for many of us, this can cause insecurities if our teeth are discoloured. With the number of various foods and drinks that cause stains, it can be hard to avoid stained teeth. But […]

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Tips for Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

An Early Start with Family Dentistry is the Best Prevention A dental appointment can be pretty uncomfortable – even for adults! Many children grow up fearful of the dentist, but your kids don’t have to. Child dental care can begin early, and it’s therefore recommended to start preparing them early! A child’s first trip to […]

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How to Avoid Common Pediatric Dental Problems

How Your Family Dentistry Team Can Help You and Your Child Avoid Common Dental Problems Dental problems can affect a person at any age, even in infancy. Indeed, teeth need to be taken care of as soon as they appear in infancy to avoid oral health issues. Oral hygiene and regular visits to an Ottawa […]

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Tips to Promote Tooth Extraction Healing and How to Avoid a Dry Socket Tooth extractions are necessary when teeth are too damaged from decay or trauma and can’t be repaired. Wisdom teeth removal is another form of tooth extraction. This procedure helps prevent discomfort and future complications from wisdom teeth. In some instances, your dentist […]

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore that Toothache!

A Look at What Causes Toothaches and When You Should Visit an Emergency Dentist Toothaches are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong with your oral health. The pain of a toothache can range from a mild ache to a severe throbbing pain that keeps you awake at night, but even if […]

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Is Sedation Dentistry My Best Option?

How Sedation Dentistry Works to Relax Anxious Patients It’s common for patients to feel a bit of anxiety when visiting their dentist. Too much anxiety, however, can prevent patients from receiving the care they need. Many patients avoid visiting their dentist due to their fear and anxiety, but this habit can lead to serious oral […]

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Preventing Periodontal Disease

How Your Dental Clinic Can Help You Prevent Gum Disease Periodontal disease is a preventable dental condition that can worsen without proper treatment. As this disease progresses, patients are at greater risk of other health complications. It is, therefore, crucial to treat gum disease as early as possible to maintain not only dental but also […]

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Visit Your Casselman Dental Clinic for Oral Cancer Screenings While it may not be discussed as often as other illnesses or cancers, oral cancer affects thousands of Canadians every year. Due to the lack of awareness and to the tardy detection of oral cancer symptoms, the mortality rate of oral cancer is surprisingly high. It […]

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